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about lynn poshepny

I have always been acutely aware of my surroundings – not just visually aware, but tactically aware and aware of the feelings spaces evoke. I am convinced every space and every object within it has a visual story. In my first career as a landscape architect, I put this awareness to good use. I was able to solve problems, engineer solutions and bring people and land together. My work in my second career as an artist reflects an evolution of the first.  Today, the structural lines of the architect are still visible in much of my abstract work.  Instead of listening to the ‘story’ of a space to seek answers to problems, I listen to translate the space – its textures, feelings and its relation in time and space to the viewer.


A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I received my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota. I began my artistic career in earnest in 1993, when I left my job as a landscape architect for the City of Green Bay, Wisconsin, to open Horizons watercolor studio in my home. I have studied at the Corcoran School of Art, and with artists such as Joyce Gow, Doris White, Carol Barnes and Skip Lawrence. I previously sold my work primarily in juried art shows across the East Coast and Midwest. I also have done commission work for offices, hotels and private collectors. Today, my work is available in my studio in a converted textile mill in Baltimore, Maryland ,where I have made my home since 2000.

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